Here are the three most common answers we get to the question:
what website issue are you looking to improve?

  • We don’t get enough traffic to our website
  • We don’t get any/many sales leads from our website
  • Our sales team spends too much time with people who aren’t ready to buy 

Of course, to have a specific plan to help, more information is needed. But in general, here are strategies we’d typically explore for each of the above answers:

  • Traffic – Review analytics to see what current traffic looks like; explore key services, goals, and expertise of the company and review online visibility vs competitors for key content phrases that matter.
  • Low Leads: Include traffic analysis as mentioned above; review website presentation, organization, and ease of use; evaluate the call to action and simplicity of messaging through the eyes of the customer.
  • Sales Team: Interview team to find out key questions, concerns, anxieties, fears, and issues of potential buyers and compare to resources available on the website; evaluate sales process and lead management systems to explore how opportunities are nurtured.

Your Website Is Where Buyer Decisions Are Made

Your website is where you build trust, confidence, and connections with folks who haven’t met you yet.  It’s where you can form important new connections and build lasting relationships. It’s where you stand out from the crowd and pull away from the competition.

But it’s also where you can make the wrong impression and lose opportunities to help customers that really could benefit from what you offer.

So how can your website be improved to help your sales team be more effective?

  • By simplifying your messaging, focusing primarily on the needs of your buyers
  • By educating buyers, using words and video, to answer frequent questions that matter most to them
  • By reorganizing your website menu and editing priority pages to clarify value for your buyers
  • By offering transactional call-to-actions so buyers can engage with you before setting up a call
  • By providing buyers with specific directions on how to do business with your company

How will those things help increase my website traffic?

  • Educating buyers means providing detailed information and answering the questions your sales team gets repeatedly. Even the hard ones, like price and cost
  • Answering questions thoroughly helps to make your website a valuable resource in the eyes of Google as well as your buyers
  • Better content – more valuable and relatable content – for your buyers means more opportunities to be involved in the buyers’ research
  • Better content means more opportunities to be found in search engines and be seen by more buyers

How do those things help my sales team close more sales?

  • A primary component of sales in any business, regardless of industry, is building trust with potential buyers
  • Studies show that as much as 80% of the sales decision process is made by a buyer before they ever reach out directly to a company or salesperson
  • By adjusting your messaging and making it easier for buyers to find the information they need, you’re helping them find what they value most – answers
  • By providing steps to help buyers find the information they need, you’re creating a more informed buyer
  • A more informed buyer translates to better-qualified leads and a shorter sales cycle for your sales team
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